The following are a variety of common questions we have been asked:

Q.  Is a Close Protection Officer the same as a Bodyguard?
A.  Yes, different countries use different terms, generally in the UK we are known as Close Protection Officers, or Security Advisors.  However the term Bodyguard has the same meaning.
Q.  Where are you located?
A.  We are located on the outskirts of London Uk.  With a close proximity to Gatwick/Heathrow as well as all private airfields in the SE England area.
Q.  Do you adhere to Non Disclosure Agreements?
A.  Most certainly, Confidentiality and discretion are paramount. 
All Operators are:
Uk Government Security Cleared (SC),
DBS Cleared (Disclosure & Barring Service),
Counter Terrorism Cleared (London Metropolitan Police),
Q.  As a Bodyguards do you carry a sidearm?
A.  In the UK sidearm's are prohibited.  However in countries where they are legal, then 'Yes' as a Bodyguard we could carry a sidearm or other weapon system as appropriate.
Q.  What is the minimum and maximum period I can hire your services as 'a Bodyguard' for?
A.  Our Close Protection/Bodyguard services can be hired from as little as a few hours to as long as you wish. No time limit.
Q.  Do you work abroad as a Bodyguard?
A.  We operate anywhere in the world.  Some countries require special 'Entry Visas', however we have never had an issue.
Q.  Do you have a Bodyguard Licence?
A.  In the UK Close Protection officers/Bodyguards are strictly trained and licensed to a very high internationally recognised 'SIA' (Security Industry Authority) standard  http://www.sia.homeoffice.gov.uk/  Our full SIA credentials as well as any other competency certificates can be inspected upon request by a client.
Q.  How long have you been a Bodyguard?
A.  Personally, I spent 24 years in the Military.   My first Close Protection Officer / Bodyguard course was in 1994, my first task as a Bodyguard was for a Colonel and then a Major General during the Bosnia conflict.  Since then I have completed many courses (see SERVICES) and countless updates.
Q.  Are you medically qualified as well as a Bodyguard?
A.  Yes, as a minimum all our operators hold the internationally recognised 'First Person On The Scene' medical qualification. 
Q.  Do you work alone or with other Bodyguards?
A.  Both.  The threat to the client often dictates the number od Bodyguards required.  This matter is always discussed in detail with the client during a consultation.
Q.  How much does it cost for a Bodyguard?
A.  We do not display our daily rates as it is important to carry out a full consultation first.  After the threat has been analysed in depth, we will prepare a package to suit your budget.
Q.  Can I hire a Bodyguard or Chauffeur immediately?
A.  Yes