Executive Close Protection

Armed Diplomatic Protection detail, East Africa


With a full understanding of the role and vast experience to ensure that decisions are made in a sensible and reasoned manner, you stand to gain one or more highly professional and diligent Executive Close Protection Officer(s)/Bodyguard(s) who you can rely upon to deliver the requisite level of protection for you and your family, whilst enabling you to conduct your business, (family or otherwise) without unnecessary intrusion.


PROJECT Q Security Ltd can draw on over 26 years of experience from clients as diverse as:


  • Senior members of the Royal Family
  • The Prime Minister, members of the Cabinet Office and other dignitaries
  • Heads of State, plus entourage
  • Ambassadors, both Uk and foreign 
  • High ranking Military Officers and Civilians in war zones
  • Civilian Specialists into austere locations globally
  • Musicians at Rock Festivals such as Glastonbury
  • Celebrities at red carpet events
  • CEO's to boardroom meetings
  • HNW Family's on 'days out' or public events 
  • Documentary makers / Film crews / News teams
Fully compliant with BS8507-1:2008 Code of Practice for Close Protection Officers