Property Security

The safety of you and your family in your home is of paramount importance.

The use of a highly trained, yet discreet Residential Security Teams (RST) will allow normal routines of the household to go unhindered.

An experienced Architectural Security Risk Manager (SRM) will carry out an initial physical and architectural risk analysis.  Once recommendations are agreed the RST will carry out their duties with the minimum disruption to family life.


A non-exhaustible list would include some of the following:

  • Outer, Intermediate, Inner and Personal Cordons will be identified and secured
  • Access points as well as natural protection upgraded and monitored.  Manned 24 Hrs by guards 
  • Deliveries and Visitors screened and vetted
  • Telephone calls and mail intercepted as required
  • Immediate action drills devised and implemented in case of attack, medical situations, fire etc
  • Escape or Lock down procedures planned, practised and continually revised
  • All domestic household staff fully briefed and trained on procedures in case of emergency
  • Constant surveillance of the property using technology coupled with a physical presence.  Such as CCTV, ground sensors, foot patrols, drones
  • All directed from a secure functioning control room