SPECIALIST experience

Close Protection Officer

Security Risk/Project manager

Senior Instructor


Freelance, contracted internationally by Private Security Companies, Governments, Blue Chip Companies, as well as individual clients


Personal Protection Officer (PPO) tasked with providing Executive Close Protection/Bodyguard duties for:


  • British and foreign Royal Families and other dignitaries
  • Ultra High Net Worth clients
  • Politicians (Including the Prime Minister)
  • Blue chip company executives
  • Civilian specialists
  • TV and film media crews
  • Celebrities and Musicians
  • Internationally renowned sports personalities


Asset Protection:  Provided full logistics, protection/care of valuable items from documents, jewellery, paintings, vehicles, animals... all over the world. 

Most notably movement of $50,000,000 into all Iraqi banks. 

Specialist security of the 'Crown Jewels' as Senior Sergeant to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth


Architectural Security Risk/Project Management:  Designed and implemented robust security measure on complex sites worldwide from the jungles of Belize, the Canadian prairie, over to the UK  down to the plains of central Africa, up and across to the dry and arid Iraq, into Afghanistan, and finally as far east as a monsoon hit Japan....


Way too many diverse tasks and locations to mention here. 

Always happy to discuss in another forum.

Military Close Protection for Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) Client


Bodyguard detail for VIP (and entourage), London

Soldier in the British Army


Rank Attained:  Warrant Officer (RQMS) or 'Q'


Units - 1st Battalion Parachute Regiment, Royal Engineers, 77 Brigade (Military Intelligence)


Operational Tours of Duty - Bosnia, Northern Ireland, Iraq, Afghanistan, Undisclosed.


Locations worked - Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Northern Ireland, Belize, Guatemala, Japan, US, Canada, Gibraltar, Belgium, France, Spain, Austria, Kuwait, Italy, Cyprus, Kenya, Oman, Norway Turkey, Gibraltar, Germany, Dubai, Greece, (+ undisclosed locations).


An action packed 24 year career, but as above way too much to share on a website!

Soldier in the British Army

Extra Curricular


A highly experienced and qualified outdoorsman, specialising as:


  • Mountain Expedition leader - Resourced, organised and led countless expeditions from countries as diverse as Canada, Norway, Austria, Kenya and Japan... to name but a few.
  • Sailing - An experienced crewman with sailing trips undertaken in waters such as the Caribbean, North Sea, Mediterranean, South East Asian Pacific...
  • Running - A keen runner, as well as normal marathons have taken part in several ultra marathons in places like, UK, Germany, Former Yugoslavia, Kenya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Japan...
  • Shooting - Rifle/Pistol (Target & Hunting), Shotgun (Hunting).  A fully certified firearms instructor in most disciplines.
  • Martial Arts - 'Wing Chun' predominantly a self defence discipline, ideal for client protection.